I took this shot and thought “what great pals they must be” Nothing about their clothes, or the way they stood, or what they appear to have been saying, or where they were going, gave me the impression that they were best buds. I just thought it would be nice to assume they were, for the sake of it being a nice thought. I have incredible friends, whom I’m eternally grateful for, and I think everyone should have that. I bet these two are as thick as thieves in their own way, so I wrote them some haikus.

A peckish feeling

Low rumble in my stomach

Seeking an answer

One can be lonely

Reach out for good company

Eat ramen and talk

Remember that time?

Ridiculous pair are we

Expect nothing less

Laughter flows throughout

Warm broth greets hunger kindly

No concept of time

Perfect adventure

Look forward to many more

I’ll let you know when


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