Well damn, I should probably explain myself.

Did you ever see the movie Clueless? Remember when Cher and the gang went to that party in “the valley”? That happens to be the San Fernando Valley, nestled right on top of downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, etc. etc. Essentially the valley is cool adjacent and it’s much easier to say I’m from L.A. but in this “about” page I’d be doing a disservice to my hometown(s) and that would be a shame, because there’s no reason to not wear a little pride for the Valley. The Valley truly represents what this page is about and what I am about: average.

Now, being L.A. cool adjacent has pegged me into some pretty stereotypical roles.

I’m either

  1. A writer
  2. An actor
  3. A filmmaker
  4. A producer

Well, I want to be all of those things.

No, that’s not entirely true. I’m still very much in love with being cool adjacent. I’m a worker bee. I’m a gear in the machine. I’m the script reader, the assistant to the gaffer, assistant to the grip, assistant to the camera assistant, the runner, the driver, the second pair of eyes, the one who has duct tape handy.

Here, in this medium, I’m okay with just being okay. I want to write about and tell somebody, anybody, that I like the “okay” in myself and in everything.